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Cirque It Events

CirqueIt Events is known for producing gravity defying shows.  We aim to make a positive impact on people, communities and the planet with our most important tools: creativity and art. CirqueIt Events extends its creative approach to a large variety of entertainment and educational forms such as interactive workshops, immersive experiences, and special events.

Our Team


Katie Skiba

Katie Skiba is an aerial performance artist who has enthralled audiences across the country and created mesmerizing performances and event productions catered to unique themes. For over 10 years, Katie has built a solid professional reputation and her breath-taking creations have helped her transform from an esteemed solo performer to successful event producer specializing in explosive visuals and thrilling aerial extravaganzas, leaving her audiences wowed by truly unforgettable experiences.


Sara Agar

Sara ‘RaRa,’ is a versatile, multi-apparatus aerialist with over 10 years of circus experience, she radiates power and precision in her dynamic movements and refined aerial technique. Her extensive expertise spans from choreography, directing, rigging, and production, as well as international experience, having coached, trained and performed with Meraki Circus in Queensland, Australia. 


Events Gallery

What They're Saying

10's across the board!

I’ve continued to supply flower arrangements for multiple CirqueIt Event productions because the communication is always very clear, time frames are established early, and the whole process is a breeze. Katie is great at giving me a thorough heads up when florals are needed for events so that I can plan for delivery accordingly with my other events. 

Afton Johnson

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